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Stow Lake Waterfalls and Park

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 28, 2016

Oh, spring fever. As the months of April and May are upon us, we look for ways to celebrate. Here at Nationwide Limousine Service, a locally owned and operated company, there are hundreds of ways that we love to enjoy the Bay Area during this gorgeous time of year. Today we’re daydreaming about an afternoon at Stow Lake Waterfalls and Park.

Despite being located within an urban area – the park’s address is 50 Stow Lake, San Francisco, California – you’ll be greeted by a plethora of wildlife. Play peekaboo with the turtles and giggle with the geese. The richly colored feather patterns of the ducks are just another pleasure of this park, which isn’t far from the Golden Gate Bridge. Squirrels and owls are among the other woodland friends that locals and visitors love to photograph.

Are you more of a doer (versus an observer)? Active lifestyles are a way of life here in San Francisco. Hike Strawberry Hill or rent a paddleboat from the historic boathouse. Motorboats are also available. Rates can be found online. Regardless of your activity preferences, the Chinese pavilion, the beautiful stone bridge ways, and the lush deciduous trees provide the perfect backdrop.

Another pleasure of the area is the café. There’s more to do at Stow Lake Waterfalls & Park than many imagine, and the fresh air, paddling, and hiking can work up an appetite. The Stow Lake Café has a number of not only satiating but delicious offerings. Many of the menu items are locally grown and/or organic including the burgers and all-beef hotdogs. Vegetarian? There’s no need to worry. Vegan options are available, as well. There’s some history behind this café, too: have you heard about the pink popcorn? What a childhood delight! Learn more from Stow Lake Boathouse.

Visit this Stow Lake oasis within the urban Bay Area. Especially if you’ve never been, consider allowing Nationwide Limousine Service to drive you to the waterfalls and park. Avoid the downtown traffic, and experience affordable luxury transportation, too: classy limousines, antique autos, chic charter buses, VIP car services, and San Fran-style motorized trolley cars are among your NLS Limo options. Whether you have questions or you’re ready to plan your picturesque afternoon, contact our guest service specialists at 800-339-8936.

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