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Opening Day at Oracle Park

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 21, 2019

Winter is long, and winter is tiring. Although in the Bay Area we don’t see the layers of snowfall or suffer from the crushing pressure of ice buildup, we do find ourselves in a gray time full of fog and chillier temperatures. It is fitting that we look eagerly towards the first signs of Spring. One of these, and for many it is the only one that matters, is the beginning of baseball season.

In San Francisco, we hold a tumultuous relationship with our beloved Giants. For anyone who’s followed the sporting news over the past couple of years, they know that we have fallen significantly in stats since our three World Series wins. Sometimes it feels like those days of victory are far, far behind us, but it is good to remember that every pile of ashes has the possibility of possessing a phoenix.

For their part, the Giants still have on their team Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner, Brandon Belt, and Brandon Crawford – some of the key players in grabbing all of those World Series titles. We look forward to seeing how these salts break in the new boots, how they begin to help raise the next crop of rookies to become the best players in the league and bring pride to the Bay Area once again in the form of a large trophy that looks like it could be part of the International Space Station.

Now it’s time to be honest: not everyone loves baseball. For my part, when I go to a game I always bring a book and wait for the cotton candy vendor to wander down the isle closest to me. That being said, there is something indelible about the sensations, the sounds and smells, that are part and parcel of the ballpark. Oracle Park, home of the Giants, is one of the most luscious and storied parks of them all. In a time when it seems that every park is now just a branding opportunity for a major corporation, Oracle Park is a blessed monument to a time when we weren’t constantly weathering advertisements for cellular data plans. The views of the bay are unbeatable, and the energy of opening day will – regardless of your feelings on the sport – remain electrically within you for the rest of your life.

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