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A Home Run for the Whole Family: SF Giants FanFest

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on January 20, 2020

Winter is hard for many reasons. There is the lack of sunshine, for starters, but then one has to deal with the cold and the flu and bad road conditions and the fear that spring and summer will never again return. For many, a key agony of the season is the utter lack of baseball. Sure, there are the taped playoff games from last September, but they just don’t have the same effect that comes from the electric environment that surrounds contemporary games, and they definitely don’t have the added joy of being inside the stadium, smelling the pretzels, drinking a cold beer.

If you are suffering from baseball withdrawal in the Bay Area, then we have just the thing for you. There are film festivals, there are art festivals, there are even beer festivals. What if I told you that there was also a San Francisco Giants Fan Festival?

This is no joke! While you eagerly await the first pitch of the first game of the season, you can also head over to Oracle Park on the 8th of February for a chance to bask in the familiar and timeless glow of the baseball stadium. KNBR will be on hand for a live broadcast from the diamond, and there will be plenty of time to walk around the field and play catch, take pictures, or even take a self-guided tour through the stadium.

“But,” you might be asking, “What is Oracle Park without the players that make up the SF Giants?” Have no fear! At the 27th Annual KNBR Giants FanFest there will be players aplenty! In fact, the website promoting the event has issued a reminder that the lines to meet the most popular players will likely be very long. Your patience is appreciated!

Yes, it is sad that talents such as Matt Herges, Erwin Higueros, and Ryder Jones will not be playing ball themselves, but think of how much longer it is until they are suited up, catching high-flies, hitting home runs, and spitting sunflower seeds at one another in the dugout. It might just be that a chance to wander through the stadium and get a few autographs is just the ticket to tide you over until the season begins again.

Best of all, as opposed to a ticket to a real game, SF Giants FanFest is absolutely free!

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