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Silicon Valley’s 7th Annual Beer Week

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on July 17, 2019

When most people think of Silicon Valley, they picture in their minds people riding around on Segways wearing Google Glasses and drinking Soylent. We aren’t here to dispute that image. But, it might be worthwhile to expand the definition somewhat, at least if you are a lover of great beer. Why? Because for seven years Silicon Valley has hosted one of the best craft beer week events in or around the Bay Area and if you haven’t made it down at any point during the last six years then now is the time to get going!

Silicon Valley Beer Week is all about the local producers of beer. While it might come as a surprise that Silicon Valley makes anything except ephemeral products for a digital market, it is the case that beer culture has permeated there as well as everywhere else. No better proof exists for this than Silicon Valley Beer Week which will take place over a whirlwind 10 straight days during which time you are invited and encouraged to explore as many of the bars, pubs, taverns, and breweries located throughout the region as possible.

What sorts of things can be expected during Silicon Valley Beer Week? Oh, the usual array of beer week sorts of events: tap takeovers, raffles, releases of unusual/exclusive/rare brews/pig roasts, food pairings, and specialty tastings that conform to some specific theme.

Silicon Valley Beer Week begins on July 19th at 6:00 with a special Brew at the Zoo event where you can drink beer while watching the monkeys watch you. While Brew at the Zoo is the official opening party of this incredible festival, there are numerous other events happening on that exact same day that you can attend if the tickets to the zoo have sold out or if you’d rather spend your beer-drinking time not looking at animals in cages. Go instead then to Nom Burger, TAP’T Beer & Kitchen, the Alpha Acid Brewing Company, or Pizza California for special beer releases, beer competitions, and tap takeovers.

The entire list of events, sponsors, participants, and other such things can be found at the Silicon Valley Beer Week official page:

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