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Sea Lions at Pier 39

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 21, 2015

If you’ve only lived in the Bay Area for a decade or two, you might take the Sea Lions at Pier 39 for granted. This year, San Francisco will celebrate the lions 26th anniversary! Not long after the devastating earthquake of 1989, these beautiful creatures started dropping by the Fisherman’s Wharf. Today they are considered icons of the West Coast.

Pier 39 celebrations will take place from January 15th through the 18th. These creatures tend to spend much time in the Bay during the winter season, as this is when the herring spawn. Moreover, wouldn’t you prefer a comfy dock to a jagged rock beach?

Did you know that the majority of these sea lions at Pier 39 are male? Perhaps you’ve wondered what they’re actually up to when they wave at the crowd. Visit Pier 39’s Q&A page to learn all about these Pinnipedia celebrities. In fact, the Pier even offers a Sea Lion web cam. How fun!

The sea lions are beautiful, intelligent, and playful creatures. This being said, they can be dangerous! They will bite if frightened or provoked. Moreover, they are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Therefore, it is illegal to harass them, and you may not feed them, either. Learn more from The Marine Mammal Center.

The zalophus californianus are a fascinating species. Bay Area locals recognize this and frequent the Aquarium by the Bay. Of course, sea lions are not the only fascinating animals at the San Francisco aquarium. Observe octopi, starfish, jellyfish, and hundreds of other ocean creatures!

Whether you’re spending a first date at Pier 39, you’re taking your little ones out for a day on the Bay, or you’re trying to decide how to entertain your out-of-town guests, the Sea Lions, especially during this 26th anniversary, are a must-see!

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