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San Mateo Library Art Gallery & Greater San Mateo Area Art Tour

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 28, 2016

One of the most beautiful parts of living in the Bay Area is that there’s something stunning to see in every nook and cranny. Whether you’re in San Jose, San Mateo, the heart of San Francisco, or elsewhere, you’ll be surrounded by sports, art, culture, education, natural wonders, and so much more.

This month we were thrilled to learn more about the San Mateo Library Art Gallery. The gallery showing of Beate Amler’s photography has just come to a close, but the Japanese Kimekomi Dolls exhibit runs through April 29th. According to the City of San Mateo event listing, “’Ki’ means wood, and ‘mekomi’ refers to the technique of tucking fabric into the wooden form.” Sherry Miyashiro, Tracy Beardsley, and Merry Nishimura are the doll makers. This exhibit is both enjoyable and educational, as the dolls are crafted in an early Japanese tradition.

Why not, however, make a day of the event? You could spend some time at the library, or you could art-exhibit hop. The best part? There’s no need to leave San Mateo. Consider viewing “Alice” by Fleur Spolidor, a Parisian artist, at the Peninsula Ballet Theatre at 1880 South Grant Street. Her surreal work is colorful and provocative, as you’ll find figures kneeling above upside-down cities and the infamous Alice with a sea creature replacing her head, and this is just the beginning.

Moreover, there are a handful of other breathtaking galleries in the San Mateo area, as well. The Neologian Art Gallery, at 1027 S Claremont St., for example, offers not only exhibits but drawing workshops, too. Also, if you’re interested in furniture and antiques, you might try stopping in at the Pierson 20th Century Design at 1360 Palm Ave. Finally, Alexia Neves is a local painter that you might like to visit, as well. We know that Bay Area guests and residence are excited about authentic local experiences.

If you’re looking for Bay Area transportation that is affordable, luxurious, and fun, we hope that you might consider Nationwide Limousine Service. A limo can be a fabulous way to gallery hop, but we also offer antique cars for hire, party buses, and much more. Contact our guest services specialists at 800-339-8936 with questions or to book your reservations.

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