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San Francisco Museum Tours

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on July 6, 2015

San Francisco is well known for having some of the best museums in California. With topics ranging from music to science, one of San Francisco’s many intriguing museums are sure to have something for you to enjoy.

The Cable Car Museum

San Francisco’s iconic and beloved cable cars date back to 1873. Inventor Andrew Smith Hallidie wanted to find a better way to carry supplies up and down the well-known hilly streets of the city than the overworked horses. Thus begins the story of the San Francisco cable cars that are still in use today. A lot has happened between then and now and you can learn all about the history of these beloved cable cars at the Cable Car Museum located in the Washington-Mason powerhouse and car barn on Nob Hill. This museum is one the whole family can enjoy. For more information visit

The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium isn’t just a museum; it’s an ongoing exploration of science, art and human perception—a vast collection of online experiences that feed your curiosity. Their aim is to get people to see science as the spell-bounding, fascinating, and life-changing subject that it really is. With over 25 different topics to dip your curious toes into, everyone in the family is sure to find inspiration in something. And the fun doesn’t stop at the museum. Their website has countless online science activities to satisfy your science yearnings even after you have stepped out the doors. Check it out at

De Young Art Museum

If history or science doesn’t get you excited about museums that surely the De Young Art Museum has what you are looking for. From iconic photography to historical paintings to beautiful sculptures, this museum has one of the best collections of fine art on the west coast. In addition to their collection of various artworks, every Friday night the De Young Museum hosts a cultural encounters celebration that includes a mix of live music, dance and theater performances, film screenings, panel discussions, lectures, artist demonstrations, hands-on art activities, and exhibition tours. To check out upcoming events visit

The Beat Museum

The Beats were a collective group of writers, artists and thinkers that congregated in 1950s San Francisco. The Beat Museum is dedicated to spreading the spirit of The Beat Generation, which can be defined as tolerance, compassion and having the courage to live your individual truth. Come see what The Beats are all about. You can find more information at

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