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Rent a Bay Area Limousine for the Giants or A’s Home Opener

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on January 12, 2011

The holidays are a recent memory, and baseball fans know that means it’s only a few short weeks before pitchers and catchers report for spring training. Baseball season will be here before you know it! Baseball fever is especially high on the Giants’ side of the Bay this upcoming season for reasons that will cause local fans to either rejoice or recoil. (Sorry A’s fans, but you guys have had some rings and championships. Don’t begrudge us our day in the sun.) Whether you’re scheming to score home opener tickets for the Giants and see World Series rings presented, or you’re stoked to see the Athletics’ home opener as a diehard A’s fan, why not make the home opener extra legendary this year by renting one of our Bay Area limousines?

Why is this a good idea? Let us count the ways:

1.    It’s the home opener!!!!

Actually, this one is good enough all by itself. For baseball fans, a season’s home opener is much more than the beginning of baseball season; it’s also all of the following:

•    Unofficial first day of summer
•    Biggest sporting event until October for baseball fans
•    Only time the Giants and A’s are guaranteed to be in first place in their    respective divisions
•    First time in months it’s socially acceptable to drink before 9 in the morning
•    Great opportunity to gather all your buddies together for some unbridled eating, trash talking and celebrating
•    Birthright of every red-blooded baseball fan to manufacture some kind of excuse to weasel out of working and go to the ballpark

So, if you’re starting to make plans for baseball season and you want the season to begin on the right note, rent one of our limos, and leave the driving to us! We’ll ice down your beverages of choice, and you can travel to the game in style while you argue pitching rotations, your team’s best utility infielder, whether or not your bullpen is strong enough to take you deep into the postseason this year and other items of vital importance. Whether you need our stretch limos, SUV limousines, party vans, luxury coaches or other luxury group transportation, we have a solution for groups of all sizes. For more information about your choices, call us today at 1-800-339-8936! Play ball!

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