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Off the Beaten Path San Francisco Restaurants that Will Satisfy Your Soul Without Assaulting Your Wallet

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 12, 2010

There is no doubt that San Francisco is home to some of the world’s best restaurants. From cutting-edge fusion cuisine to authentic ethnic fare to home style cookin’ and much more, you’ll find it here and at all price ranges. If you have connections (or reservations) and don’t mind missing a house payment, you can dine at the newest-latest and relish the fruits of a rising chef’s fertile imagination. Plenty of San Francisco restaurants are serving outstanding, imaginative fare, and they have the check averages to prove it. While these pricey joints certainly have their place and are important parts of the San Francisco restaurant scene, most folks simply want good food prepared with care. They also don’t want to have to make reservations weeks in advance or wait for two hours to get a table. For those hungry people, here is a far-from-complete list of San Francisco eateries that may not be trendy, but deserve your attention:

•    Cinderella Bakery & Café 436 Balboa Street (415) 751-9690
This Authentic Russian bakery and restaurant is close to Golden Gate Park and well worth the walk.

•    Cafe Zitouna 1201 Sutter Street (415) 673-2622
Enjoy Moroccan and Middle Eastern fare prepared with the freshest ingredients at great prices. You may not be able to pronounce the names of these dishes correctly, but they sure taste good.

•    Primo Patio Café 214 Townsend Street (415) 957-1129
You’ll find Caribbean delights prepared with care at very reasonable prices. Leave room for dessert. You’ll be happy you did.

•    Spice Kit 405 Howard Street (415) 882-4581
This is Authentic Asian street food prepared by classically trained chefs with high standards.

•   Taqueria San Francisco 2794 24th Street (415) 641-1770
Here, they make Mexican soul food with fresh ingredients. If you’re in the mood to take on a legendary burrito, this is the place.

•    Thorough Bread and Pastry 248 Church Street (415) 558-0690
The founder of the San Francisco Baking Institute and select former students prepare seriously good artisan bread and pastries here.

•   Blue 2337 Market Street (415) 863-2583
This is American comfort food with an upscale flair, but without the upscale prices. This place may be the ultimate diet destroyer.

These are only a handful of the truly great places to eat well on the cheap in San Francisco, but they stand out from the competition and are easy on the wallet. This list overlooks many worthy ethnic and down-home American food joints that are out there for you to explore. If you prefer to do your exploring in comfort and style, rent a San Francisco limo from NLS Limo, and be dropped off and picked up at the door of these and other dining establishments. Parking in most of these neighborhoods is an exercise in exasperation, so call us today at 1-800-339-8936. Rent a San Francisco limousine, and leave the driving to us!

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