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Club Owners Slam San Francisco Party Buses at Community Meeting

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on June 30, 2012

Club owners recently held a public meeting where they aired their grievances with San Francisco party buses and the rowdy behavior of some party bus guests. They claim that a never-ending stream of drunken revelers pull up outside their clubs in party vans most evenings and cause a variety of problems. Many are saying enough is enough and have banned Bay Area party buses from dropping off guests at their clubs.

"As someone who has put on events in San Francisco for 20 years, party buses are just bad news," said Chris Smith, owner of Om Records and co-owner of Monarch, a popular nightclub in the SoMa neighborhood. "We don’t allow party buses at Monarch. If one comes up to our club, it’s getting towed."

Other club owners voiced similar complaints at the community meeting organized by the Tenderloin’s Community Leadership Alliance.

Steven Lee is the owner of popular nightclub The Grand and also a member of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission. He also said that party buses have been a persistent problem outside his club.

"Most clubs I know say ‘no’ to party buses," he said. "People do all their drinking on the buses and it’s not a benefit to the club. We have to deal with all the security and all the hassle without any of the benefit."

He echoed other club owners who said that drunken party bus guests were responsible for causing problems inside and outside their establishments.

One San Francisco party bus service owner took issue with club owners blaming all operators for the actions of a few limo services with lax control.

"We station security on all of our buses and we limit people to two complementary drinks per passenger," she said. "I think it’s important to have management on board supervising what’s happening."

In addition to irresponsible Bay Area party bus providers, a big part of the problem is lax laws that govern behavior on party vans. While there are strict regulations on guest behavior while riding in limousines, there are few regulations on party buses, a relatively recent but increasingly popular mode of group transportation. South Bay Assemblyman Jerry Hill agreed with club owners, saying that the city needs to write and enforce tougher regulations about behavior on party buses.

"The growing popularity of party buses requires that the law keep pace with the trend," said Hill in a statement. "These are really rolling bars — and teenagers should not be allowed to drink on them."

We are saddened and unhappy that the actions (or inactions) of a few Bay Area party van providers are casting our limousine service and those of other ethical businesspeople in a bad light. In accordance with California law, we never allow minors to drink in any of our luxury vehicles and ask all our guests to respect our vehicles, other guests and clubs and neighborhoods where we drop them off. If you’re thinking about renting a San Francisco party bus for an upcoming event but prefer to do business with a limo service that puts the safety of its guests above all other considerations, call us at NLS Limo today at 800-339-8936.

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