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Two Holiday Exhibits at San Francisco’s Exploratorium

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 22, 2019

San Francisco is home to many, many thrilling and unique museums. From The Contemporary Jewish Museum to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, one could spend several months just wandering through the hallways and galleries of these amazing buildings, marveling at their stunning exhibits and collections. While some of these museums are more geared towards the adults among us, some of them try to bridge the gap between young and old, offering a chance for families to tromp together through the space and build wonderful new memories with one another.

One of the most family-friendly (and super fun) museums in the area is the Exploratorium. Proudly defining itself as a “public learning laboratory,” the Exploratorium is geared towards getting you to ask questions, propelling yourself through thought experiments, science adventures, and generally transformative experiences. This means that the exhibits are largely interactive, giving you, your family, and your friends many, many opportunities to engage in new ways with the world around you. At the very least, you’re going to leave with a whole lot of new things to talk about!

During the holiday months, the Exploratorium attracts visitors with its two traditional exhibits: Curious Contraptions and Glow.

Curious Contraptions

Do you like machines? Do you like self-propelled metal horses? Flying contraptions, sailing devices, and other pieces of fabricated whimsey? Curious Contraptions is a chance to get an up close and personal with intricately made devices that showcase the stranger side of humankind’s creative ability as well as see just how much possibility exists even without the digital technologies that currently plague our waking lives. Beginning on November 20th, Curious Contraptions will run at the Exploratorium until January, 26th of the new year.

Glow: Festival of Lights

For many cultures, the primary thing held in common during the holiday season are lights. Because so much of the world is steeped in a deeper darkness during this time, it is no wonder that we ache for the warmth and beauty of illumination. Glow: Festival of Lights is the Exploratorium’s annual light celebration created to scratch this itch. Marvel at the unique interactive light sculptures, activities, and other wonders. Glow: Festival of Lights runs from December 5th of this year until the 26th of 2020.

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