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Five Spooky Attractions in San Francisco

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on October 21, 2014

San Francisco is rich with history, and many of these places are said to house ghosts, specters and other haunts. Here are five great destinations for visitors and locals to visit during this Halloween season.


What’s not spooky about an old army base, cemetery and army hospital? At Presidio, there have been hundreds of witnesses stating that they’ve seen old soldiers walking the halls, guards still on duty, and cold spots scattered through NEW buildings. The Letterman Digital Arts center sits atop the old spot of the Presidio army hospital, and current employees have recalled cold areas of the building, as well as seeing spooks in the halls. The Presidio pet cemetery is also said to have some weird occurrences happening. Take the Fire Engine Ghost Tour of the Presidio and learn more.


One of the most popular prisons in the world, Alcatraz is now said to be haunted by many strange ghosts. Many inmates have died there, and their spirits are said to still inhabit the island. People have heard voices, seen specters of inmates, and felt cold spots throughout. Take the nightly tour to hear more tales.

Stow Lake

A lake to the east of Golden Gate Park, this destination is popular for hikers, picnickers, and other folks just wanting to enjoy nature. Many of these people have said they have seen a strange woman haunting the park, usually at dusk or at night. They say she wears a white dress and has long blonde hair. One local story says that a woman in the 1920’s committed suicide in the park, after she found out she was pregnant. Another story says that a mother lost control of her stroller and her baby drowned in the water. Either way, they say this woman continues to lurk in the park, searching for her child.

Ocean Beach Sutro Bath

Many people visited the Sutro bath and public pool complex in the early 1900’s, all the way up to the 1960’s when it burned down. The ruins are still present today. People who visit there say that if you light a candle, a ghost will throw it into the water. “Wealthy” ghosts from the early 1900’s are said to still appear to visitors. You can visit the Sutro bath near Geary Boulevard and the Great Highway.

Queen Anne Hotel

Want to spend the night in a place that is said to be haunted? Then check out the Queen Anne Hotel. This Victorian building was once a girl’s school, and teacher Miss Mary Lake lived there. When it was shut down, she was despondent and died a few short years later. Some hotel guests have said they see Miss Mary in her old room 410, or roaming the halls. The hotel offers tours to non-guests, but if you want a unique experience, book a room.

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