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Sommerfest Above Muir Woods

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on July 2, 2018

Germans are well known for their love of festivals. The best known of these is, of course Oktoberfest, but there are numerous others, no less thrilling, that have the misfortune of often being overshadowed by their wildly popular (and wildly mischievous) autumnal cousin. One of the other best loved German festivals is Sommerfest, and this joint German/Austrian celebration of summer, long days, and warm nights will be coming to the Bay Area on July 15th!

Although numerous Sommerfests will likely be happening around San Francisco, the one we want to highlight today takes place at the scenic Mt. Tamalpais lodge, a beautiful building that was built more than a century ago by lodge members with wood pulled from the surrounding forests. Below the lodge lies Muir Woods National Monument, and the views from the Mt. Tamalpais lodge are simply breathtaking: panoramic visions of California’s coast as well as the mountain ranges that dot the nearby area. The lodge is only a quick ride outside of the Bay Area, but you will feel yourself transported to an entirely new world once away from the wild bustle of the city. You will find yourself even more entranced by the numerous Sommerfest events.

Activities at the Mt. Tamalpais Sommerfest include:

  • Traditional German dances (such as the unforgettable Schuhplattler)
  • Traditional German music
  • Traditional German food
  • Traditional German games

Attendees are also encouraged to dress the part, and things such as Lederhosen, Tracht, Dirndl, and Tirolerhut are highly encouraged!

If you are longing for a chance to dance your heart out, devour the finest of German foods, and play some of the most unusual and amusing games you’ve ever experienced in your life, than Sommerfest is the perfect place for you!

Tickets for Sommerfest are currently priced at $20, although anyone under the age of 18 gets in for free. Because no tickets are sold on the day of the festival, it is important for you to buy your tickets in advance.

We look forward to seeing you there as we watch professional dancers perform traditional dance moves to music played by the live German folk band and drink German beer imported all the way from Deutschland itself! Sommerfest will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of summer.

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