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Save the Oceans, Save the World: 17th Annual International Ocean Film Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on February 17, 2020

The world is awash in film festivals. Far from being a complaint, this fact is one of the few delights of living in the 21st century. With equipment becoming smaller and more affordable, the ability to create movies has become increasingly viable for individuals without millions of dollars in liquid assets. And, as with all things, as the proliferation of filmmaking continues, we are also beginning to see an increase in the sorts of topics being discussed by filmmakers.

Proof of this can be found, of course, within San Francisco. Since 2004, the International Ocean Film Festival has existed as at the vanguard of artistic events focused on raising awareness about the natural world around us. Being exactly what it sounds like, the International Ocean Film Festival (also known as the IOFF) has as its specific focal point the vast, practically unfathomable, ecosystem of the world’s oceans.

The stated mission of the IOFF is to continue bringing awareness about the harm that we as a species are doing to the oceans and to show just how this continued harm will ultimately serve to destroy all life as we know it. Saving the oceans might seem a formidable task, but the organizers of the IOFF are seemingly undaunted and are instead spurred on by the gravity and importance of their task.

For four days, running from March 12th until the 15th, the IOFF will feature documentaries, short films, and narrative feature films that feature the ocean as their focus. The conversations started because of these films will hopefully assist us in moving towards a more caring existence towards the oceanic world around us, as well as a gentleness towards the entire planet in general.

Included in the festival events are things such as discussions with the filmmakers about their movies, conversations with movie producers, and chats with professionals working within the fields of cinema and ocean conservation.

The IOFF will, as mentioned above, will be held from March 12th until March 15th at the Cowell Theater located at the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture. Movies will also be screened as the Smith Rafael Film Center inside of San Rafael and the famed Roxie Theater within San Francisco itself.

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