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San Jose’s Dia De Portugal Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on June 10, 2016

June 11th is going to be a great day. All throughout this month in the United States, Portuguese heritage and culture receives a splendid and joyous celebration, which is open for everyone, regardless of whether or not you can lay claim to any Portuguese members tucked away in your family tree.

In San Francisco, June 11th is the official date for the Dia de Portugal Festival. This festival is a time to gather the whole family (or just a bunch of friends) and make your way down to History Park San Jose, which is where the Bay Area’s Portuguese Historical Museum is located. Starting at 10:50 a.m., the festival runs until late in the afternoon, giving everyone a hefty dose of music, art, food, and other cultural delights that all originate from Portugal.

This year, there are some wonderful events in store for those who decide to join in. At the main stage alone you will find:

  • The Portuguese Band of San José
  • A special opening ceremony that will properly kick off the day.
  • A Portuguese parade done in the traditional style.
  • Portuguese dances done in the traditional style to traditional music provided by the Tempos D’Outrora.
  • The fantastic comedian Taylor Amarante (who, in case you are wondering, is Portuguese-American).
  • Art by the Portuguese artist Chico Avila.

Alongside of all this, there will be a children’s carnival, a book fair, craft booths, art booths, mountains of traditional food, plenty of extra live entertainment, and much, much more.

Even though this festival only lasts one day, it is still worth making your way down to History Park San José to absorb as much of the day’s festivities as possible. Where else can you spend a sunny San Francisco day in the arms of a rich and complex cultural celebration that provides nourishment for both your body and soul? The music will make you dance and the food will satisfy you. Tuck into a delicious portion of clado verde, wander through the booths and buy some unique trinkets that will become beautiful memories, or just sit back and enjoy the vibes. No matter what you decide, the Dia de Portugal Festival is guaranteed to give you an exquisite Saturday.

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