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San Francisco International Arts Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on April 24, 2018

Each year, art lovers throughout the Bay Area mark their calendars for the dates of the San Francisco International Arts Festival. This event, which lasts for a little over a week, draws people from around the world to its unique lineup of performing artists, its fabulous collection of booths selling original artworks, and its exhibition spaces which often feature some of the most original and arresting work of the season.

This year, the San Francisco International Arts Festival will run from May 24th until June 3rd, and it will be held at the historic Fort Mason Center. Ticket prices depend on the event, although there are festival passes that are available at the San Francisco International Arts Festival website.

For almost three weeks, those in the Bay Area will have the incredibly enviable opportunity to see life performances from over 60 different groups. These include: theatrical troupes performing original works or new stagings of classic theater; dance troupes with unbelievable choreography and jaw-dropping moves; musical acts and companies playing new, classic, and hybrid pieces from around the world. Did we mention that all of this happens in the space of only a few weeks?

Basically, the San Francisco International Arts Festival is an entire year’s worth of performance art rolled up into one helter-skelter chunk of time. Once your mind stops spinning, you can begin trying to parse out which of the many must-see events you will attend and which you will have to—sadly—miss in order to preserve your sanity.

This year’s lineup includes close to 40 artists and art collectives. While many of these performers call the Bay Area home, there will also be representatives from seven other countries to add even more legitimacy to the international flavor of the event.

More than just an art showcase, the San Francisco International Arts Festival will also include numerous educational and workshop opportunities for those hoping to get in on some of the action. Whether you consider yourself an artist or are content being a supporter of the arts (an essential role if art is to survive), these workshops and lectures will broaden your horizons and deepen your appreciation for some of the many art forms presented during the several-week long festival.

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