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San Francisco’s Free Shakespeare in the Park Returns

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on June 29, 2017

In 1983, San Francisco hosted its first annual Shakespeare Festival. In its inaugural year, the festival featured free performances of The Tempest in Golden Gate Park.  

Since that time, the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival has become a highly respected and valued regional theater company that also provides artist residencies, Shakespeare camps for 4-18-year-olds (as well as advanced workshops for older individuals with previous acting experience who want to polish their chops), and an outreach program known as Midnight Shakespeare that works to help at-risk youth improve their skills at communicating with one another, work as a member of a team, and combat the prevalence of gang-related violence.  Additionally, the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival offers a program called Shakespeare for All which brings a smaller version of their world-class performances to community libraries throughout the Central Valley.  This year, Shakespeare for All will be staging performances of Julius Caesar, one of the Bard’s most enduring works on the dangers of violently toppling an authoritarian regime.

This year, the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival is proud to present Hamlet for the first time as part of the free Shakespeare in the Park series.  Perhaps Shakespeare’s most well known work, Hamlet traces the tragic course of one man as he attempts to discover the purpose of his life in the wake of his father’s murder by his uncle.  A devastating piece of art (and one of the most important artworks ever created), Hamlet brings its central character through a tremendously difficult journey of self-discovery wherein he must choose between living a quiet life or dedicating himself to the battle for truth and justice, even if this second path leads to his own death.

A timely piece of work, Hamlet is essential viewing for our current cultural situation, and the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival will offer a fantastic version of this play.  Beginning on July 1st and running all the way through October, the performances of Hamlet will occur at the following locations:

  • Amador Valley Community Park
  • Memorial Park Amphitheater
  • Sequoia High School
  • The Presidio
  • McLaren Park

No tickets are required to attend these events, simply show up and enjoy the production! For a complete calendar and other details, click here:
San Francisco’s Shakespeare Festival’s

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