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Oktoberfest by the Bay 2019

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 9, 2019

It doesn’t take Nostradamus to know that fall is already breathing on the slowing heels of summer. Even though we in the Bay Area know a gentler transition between seasons, and even though we don’t know the dramatic colors of New England or the sudden bitterness in the wind of the Midwest, we do see the leaves change and upturn the collars on our coats just like everyone else.

Also like everyone else, we like to celebrate the shift in seasons in traditional ways. We recently told readers about the 1st Annual Korean Chuseok Festival which will take place on the 14th of September, and today we want to continue in the same spirit with something perhaps a little more familiar. From the 20th of September until the 22nd, you can come down to Pier 35 for a little of the exuberant celebratory spirit that is synonymous with Oktoberfest.

Billed as Oktoberfest by the Bay, this San Franciscan take on the famous Munich event will keep the tradition and heritage alive with plenty of music, plenty of dancing, plenty of food, and – of course – plenty to drink. Come for the knockwurst and stay for the schnapps! Alternately, come for the pilsners and stay for the sauerkraut. It doesn’t matter your reasons or your favorite dish, the Oktoberfest will be a marvelous time for the whole family to engage in some communal celebration and elation.

Included in the long list of entertainers expected to perform until they are red in the face are:

  • The Chico Bavarian Band
  • The Internationals
  • Deutscher Musikverein

If you’re feeling extra ready to be a part of the weekend celebration, come on Sunday when the Oktoberfest by the Bay will partner with the United German American Society for a traditional German parade featuring all of the flags from all of the charters located within the Bay Area. After the parade, there will be an official keg tapping from the German Consul as well as a highly anticipated log cutting event.

Whether you are a full-blooded German immigrant or just enjoy lederhosen, Oktoberfest by the Bay will surprise and delight you.

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