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By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on September 29, 2016

Oktoberfests are a worldwide phenomenon, attracting thousands of beer-guzzling maniacs to the far reaches of the globe once the weather begins to change.  Here in the Bay Area, because we like to have fun and drink fantastic beer just like everywhere else, our celebration of fermented yeast and hops occurs, as it should, on October 1st.  Unlike everywhere else, we don’t call it “Oktoberfest.” Instead, because our festival takes place in Oakland, we call it OAKTOBERFESt.


Held in Oakland’s Dimond District, between MacArthur Boulevard and Fruitvale Avenue, Oaktoberfest is a delicious way to welcome in Autumn as well as plunge into one of the most vibrant and historically rich sections of the entire Bay Area.  Flush with unique and original art, as well as some of the nation’s most innovative entertainment, Oaktoberfest will recall the days of pre-prohibition Oakland, when a wealth of beer-serving establishments swamped the narrow Oakland streets and the taste of possibility lay thick in the air.


This year, in an attempt to outdo their successes of previous years, the Oaktoberfest organizers have arranged:

  • A homebrewing competition done in the German style.

  • An Eco Fair, which casts important and needed light on the crisis facing our planet’s natural systems and includes plenty of booths, information, and specialty exhibits.

  • The essential biergarten.

  • A specific area for kids that features a biergarten of their own: a rootbiergarten, that is.


This year’s festival is brought to you by the Dimond Improvement Association as well as the Diamond Business & Professional Association.  Both organizations seek to support businesses located within the Diamond District, and the Oaktoberfest is one of the best ways to participate in this community building.  Even if Oakland is not your home, participating in the perpetuation of this unique city is some that is in the greater interests of the entire country.


Oaktoberfest is a non-profit occasion, which means that there is no entry fee.  The money you spend on October 1st will go directly to the business owners and employees of the numerous venues that comprise the event.  What more reason do you need to take a Saturday trip to Oakland and drink some of the country’s best brews?


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