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Neverland: The Epic Immersive Experience

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 25, 2018

On of the fastest growing fads in the world of performance is immersive theater. Very likely you have heard something about it, and perhaps you’ve even gone to an immersive theater event yourself. If so, than you know the general setup. For those who might be a little further in the dark, we will illuminate:

Immersive theater takes you, the audience, into the play as a participant rather than just an observer. Removing the performance from the confines of a single building with a stage and rows of seats, productions done in the immersive style have taken place anywhere from hotels, to seaside ports, to 14 acre towns. One of the hallmarks of immersive theater is that the shows are often designed so that each consecutive performance is totally unique, leaving you with the tantalizing option to return more than once to have a similar but new experience.

Interested? Then you will be delineated to hear that the San Francisco based Epic Immersive has partnered with SAFEhouse Arts and The Rathskeller Club to recreate one of the most beloved stories from our childhoods. Neverland: The Epic Immersive Experience will bring a group of theatergoers into the famous world of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, but with some unusual twists.

The world of Neverland is at war, and Peter Pan is missing. Can you make your way through the mysterious island and find him before it is too late? Can you escape the seductive sirens? Can you lull the pirates into leaving you alone? Can you make it underground before the bombs explode?

Those wishing to explore this vast and magical world have the option of purchasing three different types of tickets:

  • The War
  • The Pirate
  • The Fairy

Depending on which ticket you choose, your experience inside of Neverland will change dramatically. Even within each particular storyline there are numerous paths to take, scenes to view, and characters to interact with, making it so that no two trips through Neverland are really the same.

Neverland: The Epic Immersive Experience runs every weekend from June 1st until July 1st, which gives you plenty of time to plan numerous trips to the Island of Lost Boys and escape (or aid) Capitan Hook in his quest for supremacy. While the actual location of the show remains a secret, we can tell you that it is located somewhere close to the Civic Center and Market Street. Ticket prices range between $55 and $65.

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