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Indulge in Theater at the 42nd Annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on June 28, 2019

A performance art as old as recorded history, theatrical performance never ceases to attract spectators as well as incredibly talented individuals to do the actual, you know, perfuming. While the content of the plays chances over time, and while things such as costumes, acting styles, and narrative forms also mutate and transform across the years, one thing remains constant: the chance to sit in a room and watch people unfold before us a story as though we weren’t even there.

San Francisco, one of the nations most theater-friendly cities, celebrates its love of theater every year with the Bay Area Playwrights Festival. More than just a chance to see a bunch of new works, the Bay Area Playwrights Festival also affords young or upcoming playwrights with a unique chance to see their pieces performed – sometimes for the first time – before an audience and with professional actors. This, however, does not mean that the Bay Area Playwrights Festival is an amateur event. Far from it, in fact.

This year, over 700 different submissions were made from playwrights throughout the country. Each of these submitted plays conformed in some way to this year’s festival theme: Witness the Power of Truth. Judges read through these submissions, eventually whittling them down to only six. At this, the 42nd Annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival, you and other festival-goers will have the unique chance to see each of these six plays performed by professional actors on stage for the first time.

The organizers of the festival can hardly contain their excitement to show these works to you, and there is a strong belief that these works resonate with hope, with inspiration, with provocations, and with messages that are especially pertinent in today’s cultural and political climate.

Of course, you want to know the names of these playwrights and their plays! This year, the six individuals selected out of hundreds to have their works performed at the Bay Area Playwrights Festival are:

  • Terence Anthonym – The House of the Negro
  • Jesus Choi – The Seekers
  • Candrice Jones – Flex
  • Tori Keenan-Zelt – How the Baby Died
  • Christopher Oscar Peña – How to Make An American Son
  • Jonathan Spector – Siesta Key

To read more about any of these playwrights or to find synopsis of their plays, please refer to the Bay Area Playwrights Festival’s website.

The 42nd Annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival will take place over the course of two weekends, from July 19th until the 28th. All plays will be performed at the Potrero Stage, located at 1895 18th St., SF.

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