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Get Your Feet and Heart Moving at the 12th Annual Salsa Rueda Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on January 20, 2020

During the spring, summer, and fall it is easy to get exercise. Many of us do it without even thinking about it via walking through the parks, riding our bikes up the steep hills, taking camping trips out in the surrounding natural beauty. But during winter? Suddenly staying in shape becomes a challenge. When the outdoors loses its temperate hospitality, the idea of spending much time in the elements also loses its charm. This in turn results in many of us starting to feel the sadness and depression so closely associated with the season. If only there were something we could do to get our bodies moving, our hearts pounding, and a big dumb smile to splay out over our faces.

Well, I wouldn’t be writing this post unless there were! San Francisco, one of the meltiest melting pots in the U.S.A. has just the thing to help fight off their winter blues. And it is? The 12th Annual Salsa Rueda Festival! Promoted as one of the must-attend events in the Bay Area for those who love music, those who love dance, and those who love music and dance at the same time, the annual Salsa Rueda Festival is also known as one of the top events along the entire western seaboard to promote this particular style of music and dancing.

More than just a day of spinning around a floor, the Salsa Rueda Festival is a four-day long dance extravaganza that features classes, shows put on by professional dancers, plenty of live music, numerous DJs, and a calendar full of times to just dance dance dance.

Held at the historic and gorgeous Hotel Whitcomb, the Salsa Rueda Festival begins on Thursday, February 13th with a bumpin’ set by DJ Alan followed by a dance performance before DJ Alan takes the stage once again with DJ JuanLove until the early hours of Friday, the 14th.

On that Friday, the real experience begins. Stretching over four different ballrooms (Main Ballroom, Union Square Room, Ghirardelli Room, and the Lombard Room), the festival will offer numerous options and opportunities for dancers of all skill levels. This means that your two left feet should not keep you home and on the couch! Get your tickets today to scare the winter blues away.

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