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First Fridays in Oakland

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on July 24, 2017

First Fridays exist throughout the country as a chance for cities to showcase unique art in a fun, relaxing, and community oriented atmosphere. Everywhere First Fridays are held, the art community of that city comes together in one brilliant evening of creativity. Oakland, a hotbed of artistic activity, is already a top destination for those trying to find the current pulse of the American creative class. It should therefore come as no surprise that Oakland’s First Fridays are some of the funkiest, most exciting, and most essential First Fridays out of them all.

Held on each month’s first Friday (get it!?) along the stretch of Telegraph Avenue that runs between West Grand to 27th Street, Oakland’s First Friday event runs from 5:00 in the evening until 9:30 in the evening. While three-and-a-half hours is not nearly enough time to absorb all of the art created and provided by Oakland’s masses of creative people, that should in no way deter you from participating in the event that sees the Korean Northgate neighborhood (otherwise known as KONO) ignite in a blaze of art groups, genius food creations, street art, music, jaw dropping performance art, DJ sets, and dancing.

Oakland’s First Fridays are basically massive parties that attract thousands of people from around the Bay Area, a space that is already known for its untouchable creative energy. That Oakland acts as a current epicenter of all this artistic energy is reason enough to attend First Fridays. Other good reasons include:

  • TOTALLY FREE ADMISSION: This event costs nothing, although you will have the chance to purchase art, crafts, and other creative items from the numerous vendors present.
  • Grammy nominated musicians performing in the midst of a throng of passionate admirers.
  • Community Participation: how often does the contemporary life afford us the chance to connect with those in physical proximity to us? First Fridays is about you as much as it is about the artists and performers present. By participating in this event you are linking yourself to something larger than yourself, something infinitely accepting and marvelously eclectic.

Plenty of food, booze, and music will surround you at Oakland’s First Fridays, and there is just too much to appreciate in one evening.  Thank God this happens once a month.

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