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By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 21, 2018

It is a well known fact that artistic trends most often begin along the fringes of artist activity. Remember when punk music was only for dirty people with shaved heads? And now, if you aren’t well versed in Blondie’s catalogue, you are something of a square. It is a fact universally acknowledged that a hip trend of today most often finds its antecedents in the underground trend of yesteryear. That being said, the avant-garde can still be an off-putting experience. What better way to overcome one’s aversion to the current cutting edge than by diving into an entire film festival devoted to it?

If this sounds tantalizing, then you are going to go bonkers for CROSSROADS 2018!

For the 9th year, CROSSROADS will bring to you a three day festival devoted to work that crosses boundaries, blends styles, challenges taboos, and defies description. Between 60 and 70 films made by artists from around the Bay Area and the world will be screened at CROSSROADS 2018, all of them showing at the historic San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s movie theater, otherwise known as the San Francisco Cinematheque.

The San Francisco Cinematheque was organized in 1961 by the experimental filmmaker Bruce Baillie. Looking for a place to show movies by filmmakers who might otherwise find their work neglected and forgotten, the San Francisco Cinematheque was founded with the aim of showcasing art in the medium of film that sits firmly in the experimental/avant-garde/underground camps. Not concerned with country of origin, historical time period, or “acceptable” techniques, the San Francisco Cinematheque exists as a stronghold of vibrant, personal, and uniquely expressive work created for cinema.

From June 7the to June 10th, CROSSROADS 2018 will build upon this vision by providing for your consumption dozens and dozens of films designed by people without the financial motivation found in large blockbusters. Instead, you will get a pure injection of artistic vision mediated through the form of cinema.

Sit back in your seat, enjoy the darkness, and prepare yourself to see some of the most exciting and revolutionary works being made for film.

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