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Celebrate Filipino Culture at KalayaanSF 2018

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 24, 2018

San Francisco’s historic Union Square is the location of many of the city’s eclectic and unpredictable events. This summer will see no shift in that paradigm as numerous festivals, bazaars, and markets will take over this impressive space, each promising to share a unique vision to those who visit during their specific event. One of the most exciting upcoming offerings at Union Square is KalayaanSF.

The Filipino word for “Independence,” KalayaanSF has grown tremendously in size as more and more people find themselves captivated and enthralled by exciting and vibrant event. Much more than simply a celebration of Filipino Culture (although, that in itself would be a good reason to visit!), KalayaanSF is also a massive party where the primary celebrant is life itself.

KalayaanSF will take place on Saturday, June 16th, and will run for the entire day. Throughout the many hours of daylight and even into the night, festival goers will have the chance to enjoy:

  • Live entertainment from national and international acts
  • Plenty of food provided from carts and other local vendors
  • A marketplace featuring crafts and artworks produced by some of the best Filipino creators of the modern age
  • A Cultural Showcase where visitors can experience an in-depth education into Filipino history and heritage.

The culminating event of KalayaanSF is the free live concert. Every year, this concert brings in a mega-celebrity of Filipino heritage to serenade the audience. Past performers have included American Idol alumni as well as members of the Black Eyed Peas. This year, the creators of KalayaanSF have managed to book two more major stars: the hit-making R&B machine Jay R and the wildly talented Jaya, diva of soul.

The concert comes after a long, wonderful day of wandering around Union Square, watching the many dance troupes, martial arts demonstrations, curbside musicians, street performers, and other amusing events. Come early, stay late, and don’t worry about the entrance fee because this event is totally free! While you can certainly empty your pockets at the marketplace and food vendors, the admission into KalayaanSF itself does not cost a cent.

KalayaanSF takes place on June 16th and runs from 12:00pm until 8:00pm.

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