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Castro Street Fair This Sunday!

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on September 26, 2017

This Sunday, the first of October, a very special event will take place in San Francisco’s famous Castro neighborhood. Known as one one of the most welcoming neighborhoods in the country for LGBTQ individuals, the Castro has long been home to some of the the City by the Bay’s most daring and convention-bucking festivals, fairs, and art happenings. The Castro Street Fair is a time for all of the district’s already notable personalities and creators to get together in one large celebration of creativity and passion.

Started in 1974 by the renowned gay activist Harvey Milk and the Castro Valley Association, the inaugural Castro Street Fair saw just over 5000 attendees. Throughout the decades since its inception, the fair has grown massively in its scope, and in 2007 alone it attracted 300,000 people, making it 60 times larger than the original event.

This Sunday, the Castro Street Fair is celebrating its 43rd birthday. That’s 43 years of community, art, acceptance, and love that doesn’t show any signs of stopping. For those in or around the Bay Area on Sunday, October 5th, the experience of the Castro Street Fair is bound to become a highlight of the year.

Run by nonprofits, the fair itself is a donation only event, and while the suggested donation is $10, you are free to go as high—or low—as you so choose. Keep in mind though that by walking into the fair, which is located at the intersection of Market Street and Castro Street and branches out through the surrounding area, you will get the chance to see amazing performances, artwork, activism, and the spirit of community. Your donation is what keeps all this going. Besides, all those who donate will get an official Castro Street Fair sticker that awards them $1.00 off all drinks in the fairgrounds!

Numerous stages dot the Castro Street Fair featuring live performances by some of the most energetic and popular groups from San Francisco’s LGBTQ scene, and there are of course plenty of booths surrounding the fair that will offer visitors the chance to purchase artworks, crafts, and other original creations.

The Castro Street Fair is a key part of San Francisco’s diverse heritage, and the chance to attend the event is not to be missed.

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