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Bring on the Beer with the Bay Area Brew Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 15, 2019

You might be the sort of person who enjoys an ice cold beer every now and again. You might be the sort of person who enjoys drinking this beer in an area where other people are present who also enjoy ice cold beers. Finally, you might be the sort of person who finds themselves within the Bay Area on March 23rd looking to participate in your favorite activities of drinking ice cold beer with other people who are also drinking ice cold beer while around you are food trucks, DJs, dueling pianos, and other live music.

“Is it possible?” you might be asking. And the answer: yes, it most certainly is.

The Bay Area Brew Festival is one of the most hotly anticipated beer festivals in the entire northern California area. We’ve made it through the foggy grayness of winter (almost), and now we are given the chance to gather together at PIER 35 with our friends as we imbibe in that divine combination of hops, sugar, water, and yeast. It is going to be a great time.

This year, over 7- different brewing companies will gather together to present to you, the consuming public, over 200 different beers in every style imaginable (and some that we haven’t yet even dared to imagine). As well as the beer, there will be, as implied above, plenty of food on hand inside of a wide array of food trucks.

For those wishing for a more rarified experience, VIP tickets are available. This ticket gets you an extra hour tacked on to the beginning of the beer adventure during which some extremely special beers will be poured.

The rest of us will be perfectly content with the general admission ticket which gets you access to unlimited samples of beer as well as all the live music and dueling pianos that we can handle.

The Bay Area Brew Festival will take place on March 23rd at PIER 35. There are two separate entry times: from noon until 4 and from 5:30 until 8:30. Choose which one works best for you, but certainly don’t miss this event.


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