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60th Annual San Francisco International Film Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 17, 2017

Springtime is when cities across America begin to roll out their red carpets, dim the lights, and begin the celebration of film in the form of festivals that can stretch from an evening to an entire week.  Usually, these festivals present movies that have not yet received distribution (which means that you can’t rent them on Amazon, can’t see them at the local AMC, and can’t buy them), movies that might become the year’s Next Big Hit, movies that you might literally never have the chance to see again.

One of the most popular and well-curated film festivals in the country happens right here in San Francisco.  Although the Bay Area is home to dozens of film festivals and other similar events, the San Francisco International Film Festival is the crown jewel of the San Francisco film scene and features the largest lineup of movies throughout all genres, the most captivating and surprising guest speakers and presenters, and the inviting selection of films.  In April, the San Francisco Film Festival is celebrating its 60th year of providing the Bay Area with the best chance to see the most original and captivating films from around the world.

As well as presenting over 150 movies, the San Francisco International Film Festival is a key location for filmmakers to compete for various prestigious awards.  Honors such as The Golden Gate award for best directors, The Golden Gate Award for best documentaries, and numerous awards for the various short films that come through the festival each year will be handed out during the two-week-long event.

The San Francisco International Film Festival is not just a great way to watch unreleased movies; it is also a chance to explore some of San Francisco’s most beloved and historic entertainment venues.  Because the festival is too big to be held under just one roof, dozens of locations around the city will join in the festivities.  This is your chance to watch movies in places like the Castro Theater, Dolby Cinema at 1275 Market, Roxy Theater, SFMOMA, BAMPFA, Alamo Drafthouse New Mission, and the YBCA Screening Room.

The San Francisco International Film Festival takes place from April 5th and runs all the way until April 19th.  Tickets are available now, so order soon to ensure your admission to all your top choices!

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