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5th Annual MEX AM

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on April 20, 2018

Anyone who has spent even the most cursory amount of time in the Bay Area will tell you that it is home to numerous cultures. And anyone who has spent even the most cursory amount of time exploring this blog will tell you that most of these cultures have their own festival. Today, we want to highlight a relatively new festival that was born out of a desire to immerse festival goers in Mexican culture. MEX AM, an event geared to highlight the contributions of Mexico and Mexicans in artistic and other culturally enhancing spheres, will take place from May 1st and run until May 8th.

Each day will feature one or more talks, presentations, performances, demonstrations, or parties, all of which are geared to be informative, fun, and unforgettable events.

The whole thing kicks off on Tuesday, May 1st, with a conversation entitled “Mexican American Personalities.” The participants in the conversation range from a 15-year-old violist to a Emmy Award-winning former journalist to a CEO of a major consulting firm that specializes in wineries. From there, the events get even wilder.

Some of the various events taking place throughout the week include:

  • A gallery exhibit made possible by the Consulate of Ireland in San Francisco that explores and highlights artistic and cultural contributions made by people from Latin America with Irish heritage.
  • A pop-up dinner held at O2 Artisans Aggregate from 7-9pm (also Tuesday) where the focus is on pre-Columbian textures, flavors, and insects. Titled “A Taste of Edible Insects,” this event will take you well outside of your culinary comfort zone, but the rewards will be far greater than the risks.
  • The Cinco de Mayo Festival on Valencia Street (already written about on this very blog!)
  • Audio/Visual Art via MUTEK that will happen on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th of the festival at various venues throughout the Bay Area and will feature some of the most important acts at work that combine visual art with electronic music.
  • Gourmex SF, a showcase for some of the highly talented Mexican culinary art at work within the city, will be held at the historic Herbst Theater for 400 lucky ticket holders.

All in all, MEX AM is not a trifling display of Mexican pride. It is a full-blown extravaganza of life, color, flavors, and joy around an extremely important and valuable heritage.

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