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40th Annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on June 5, 2018

The current national climate, when looked at with even the most cursory of glances, can quickly become overwhelming. Each news headline, each Tweet by powerful global figures, each new population survey or scientific report can bring us closer and closer to the brink of complete existential despair. How do we function when each day seems littered with catastrophe?

For many, the answer in this comes through artistic expression. Especially when words leave us empty, certain forms of art can step in to mirror our emotions, our fears, our hopes back to us and, in some magical power transference, bringing our deepest beings a larger sense of calm. “There are situations of course that leave you utterly speechless. All you can do is hint at things. Words, to, can’t do more than just evoke things. That’s where dance comes in again.” So said the dance legend Pina Bausch, and if you find any resonance in this thought, than you might just want to add the 40th Anniversary San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival to your July event calendar.

Join thousands of performers and thousands of guests as they celebrate movement, global culture, and the possibilities of the human body in motion. Beginning on July 6th, the festival will then run over the course of two consecutive weekends, offering you a wide panorama of dance and movement oriented performances at some of San Francisco’s most historic and beautiful locations.

The first official day of the festival, July 6th, will be a free event to take place at San Francisco City Hall and will include performers by figures such as: Kim Shuck, the Poet Laureate of San Francisco; AERODANCE, a group specializing in Indian Folkloric dance; and Mussel Rock Cloggers, practitioners of the somewhat forgotten art of Appalachian Clogging.

But the fun only starts there! On the second weekend of the festival ticketed events at the San Francisco Opera House include dance troupes performing in styles like:

  • Afro-Cuban
  • North Indian Kathak
  • Congolese Traditional
  • Chinese Contemporary
  • Mexican Folkloric

Not to be outdone, the second weekend of the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival will feature performances in dance modes such as:

  • South Indian Kuchipudi
  • Spanish Flamenco
  • Cambodian Classical
  • Liberian Folkloric
  • Korean Traditional
  • Korean Contemporary

Ticket prices for events at the Opera House run between $25 and $45 and can be purchased either by calling the box office or by showing up at the venue on the day of the show.

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