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38th Annual San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on July 2, 2018

If you’ve spent any time on this blog, then you know that there are two things that we love more than almost anything else: film festivals and cultural events. This being the case, it will come as no surprise that for this entry, we are excited to highlight an upcoming event that merges both of our passions into one not-to-be-missed event. What could it be? Why, the 38th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival!

Ever since Thomas Edison and the Lumière brothers first began projecting moving images to the awe and delight (and sometimes alarm) of people throughout France and America, movies have captured the imagination and magical sensibilities of people across the entire world. More often than not, the medium is seen as a mode of expression for many different ways of living and creating, and most film festivals—from Cannes to Sundance—do their best to display a cross hatching array of diverse movies from around the globe and from different perspectives. Narrowing the focus a little, the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival still avoids any pigeonholing, and while there is a common Jewish thread running through these movies, they still manage to present a dizzying array of topics from an equally dizzying array of perspectives.

Over the course of Two vibrant weeks, from July 19th until August 5th, the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival will feature 67 different films coming from filmmakers based out of 22 different countries. From documentaries such as Love, Gilda (a moving portrait of the early SNL star Gilda Radner) to narrative features like Budapest Noir (a hard boiled historical detective piece that takes place in Hungary as Hitler rises to lead the Third Reich), this event holds a piece of cinema for everyone.

The movies at this year’s San Francisco Jewish Film Festival will also tackle issues such as the #MeToo moment, protests in Charleston, as well as environmental activism, making this far more than just a time to turn off your brain in a darkened theater.

Tickets for the individual films being screened are sold both before the day of the showings and at the doors of the respective theaters involved.

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