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35th Annual San Francisco International Beer Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 17, 2018

Would it be fair to say that we almost love our parents as much? Would it be reasonable to admit that it fills us with a sense of the sublime as Edmund Burke understood it? Would it be socially acceptable to admit that waiting for the release of a certain dry-hopped IPA left us more emotionally exhausted than the birth of our second child?

Maybe none of these things are true, maybe they are. It’s hard to say. BUT: we can say with certainty that beer, regardless of the degree of passion you may or may not possess around the subject, does inspire some shocking displays of admiration. And if you count yourself among the devotees of this particular beverage, you will want to make sure that you make it to the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco on April 21st for the 35th annual San Francisco International Beer Festival.

Going strong since 1984, the SFIBF is a four-hour bacchanalia for beer drinkers that features specialty brews from around the country as well as some choice spirits from distillers such as Tito’s, Tin Cup, and Macallan. With over 100 brewers, free food, lots of live music and entertaining games the SFIBF doesn’t just keep the fun going, it launches it into the frothy stratosphere where we can float away on a golden river of hops and malted barley.

Since the SFIBF proceeds go directly towards benefiting the Telegraph Hill Cooperative Nursery School, you can forget about feeling even remotely guilty when you pay the $75 entry fee. For an extra $75, you will receive a ticket that not only gets you in the door an hour-and-a-half earlier than everyone else, it also allows you access to the famed Brewmaster Lounge, where the brewmasters and other beer-luminaries will be mingling amongst themselves, swapping trade secrets and generally basking in their own elevated appreciation for the drink that has oft’ been called the “nectar of the gods.” Plus, all VIP ticket holders will receive access to a special bathroom which—and let’s not kid ourselves here—is no small gift at a festival with this much consumption of fluids.

The 35th Annual San Francisco International Beer Festival will take place on April 21st, from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm at the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center.

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