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33rd Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on June 17, 2017

More music floods the street of San Francisco than can possibly be fathomed; however, at this blog, we try to give you a general picture of the must-see musical happenings and festivals that will take place throughout our famous city.  Especially in the summer, musicians come for the atmosphere of creativity and spirit of goodwill that has made San Francisco so legendary, and one of the most anticipated musical events of the summer, the Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival, is a showcase of this exact cocktail of feeling and energy.   

Celebrating its 33rd year, the Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival occurs in the Fillmore neighborhood, one of San Francisco’s most historic and treasured locations.  By all accounts the biggest jazz festival on the West Coast that is 100% free of charge, the Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival traditionally boasts more than 100,000 guests flowing through its porous borders during the entire weekend of Independence Day.  This Fillmore possess a rich history as well, and some of the most important cultural (and countercultural) events over the past three decades have taken place here, including readings by Allen Ginsberg, music by Quicksilver Messenger Service, the Grateful Dead, and Jefferson Airplane, and presentations by Timothy Leary.

This year, in an homage to this history, the theme of the festival is the Summer of Love.  Performers at the 33rd Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival will play new takes on works by Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Sly and the Family Stone, Fleetwood Mac, and others.  Often, Rock ’n Roll and Jazz are seen as enemies in the musical soundscape of the country.  The Fillmore Jazz Festival is going to use this year’s theme as a way to combat such absurd suppositions and transform the entire Fillmore into a musical love-in for the whole family.

Beginning at 10:00 in the morning and cruising until 6:00 in the evening, this is an event that will happen regardless of inclement weather so dedicated are these musicians to bringing you the best in contemporary and classic jazz.  Come early, bring your friends and family, and spend the day with these dedicated musicians as they celebrate the wild past of our wild city.


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