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27th Annual Union Street Easter Parade & Spring Celebration

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 23, 2018

Are you ready for spring? We are! And to prove it, we want to share just how excited we feel about the upcoming 27th Annual Union Street Easter Parade & Spring Celebration. Taking place on April 1st, the event goes from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 at night, giving you a whole day to join in the electrifying fun of breaking out of your winter slumber with thousands of others throughout the Bay Area.

The Union Street Easter Parade & Spring Celebration is truly a multicultural party. A primary emphasis of this event lies in highlighting and cheering the wide variety of cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds of all the participants and of the Bay Area itself. This means that, not only do you get to enjoy a huge party with food, music, and locally made crafts, but the food, music, and locally made crafts will also transport you across the globe, to places you have never been, to cultural heritages you might never otherwise experience.

Restaurants all up and down Union Street will open their doors and offer their services in a class European Bistro setting. You can sit outside and sip a crisp chablis while watching the sun set over the bay, listening to the sound of a rabab or a gamelan as a musician plays songs both ancient and modern.

Another highlight—perhaps the event of this festival—is the parade. Humorously known as the Biggest Little Parade in San Francisco, this is not your average walk around the park. Expect to see indescribable wonders marching and dancing; floats that defy reality; people from all around the world and from all different backgrounds stomping up and down Union Street as the sound of music and the smell of mouth-watering spices swirl around and through you. Expect to have your sense of magic and possibility reignited by the sheer power of the life-force of the people who have spent countless hours preparing to entertain your eyes, ears, and taste buds.

Finally, and this is important, the 27th Annual Union Street Easter Parade & Spring Celebration is the perfect time to discover whether or not you have what it takes to win the Easter Bonnet Contest! Anyone can enter, and prizes will be awarded in categories such as: Best Couple; Largest Hat; Most Creative; and Best Pet.

The 27th Annual Union Street Easter Parade & Spring Celebration is also 100% free of cost (although, and this should be obvious, there will be plenty to purchase once you are there).

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