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26th Annual SF Fringe Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 24, 2017

Theatergoers will no doubt be familiar with the famous Fringe Festival that takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland.  A watershed moment in global theatrical production, every year the Fringe Festival attracts some of the best and most cutting edge producers of theater, comedy, music, and performances of an unclassifiable sort to its roster, and every year those who attend the Fringe Festival come away knowing that they had the opportunity to see something that will soon change the art world’s landscape forever.

But popular events like this rarely stay relegated to one corner of the globe, and now Fringe Festivals have begun popping up in other major cities, highlighting some of the local and regional talents that may just become world famous or taste-altering sensations.  San Francisco, long hailed as one of the most artistically adventurous and exciting cities on the planet, has been hosting its own Fringe Festival for over 25 years, and, in fact, this year marks the 26th San Francisco Fringe Festival!  Held at the famous EXIT Theatre Plex in San Francisco’s historic downtown, the San Francisco Fringe Festival features performances by over 35 separate theater companies as they work together and individually to present nearly 120 separate performances of original and stunning new material.  Over the past 25 years, the SF Fringe Festival has featured a total of 4,964 performances produced by a total of 1,050 separate theater companies.

Occurring between September 8th and September 23rd, this year’s Fringe Festival will continue the tradition of genre-busting and artistically challenging theater in the EXIT Theatre Plex.  Even with three separate stages within the building, the Fringe Festival manages to fill the seats every night as lovers of theater and novelty gather together to experience an unforgettable series of evenings.

This year’s productions include material that ranges across a wide swath of territory. From the politically charged to the exclusively comic, from more traditional straight plays to things that defy categorization, the 26th Annual SF Fringe Fest is sure to keep you entertained.  In order to make the Fringe Festival accessible to as many people as possible, tickets for each production cost only $14.99 (or, if you purchase them advance online, $12.00).  Tickets can be purchased either from the venue or via the Fringe Festival Website: San Francisco Fringe Festival: Sept 8 – 23, 2017

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