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2017 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 14, 2017

Whether you are a car collector, car enthusiast, or a fan of car racing, the 2017 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival will fulfill your desire to gape at beautiful vehicles in beautiful surroundings.  Hosted from June1st to June 4th, the 2017 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival is the latest addition to a popular event that takes place yearly at the Sonoma Raceway.

If you are new to the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival, allow us to fill you in somewhat on the pertinent details of the event.  While certainly about the racing that will happen over the course of the weekend, the primary focus of the festival is to experience and celebrate the diverse history of racing cars.  Each year, the festival chooses a theme which is then adopted by participants.  Although not every vehicle sticks specifically to this theme, enough do to make the theme an important component of the festival.

This year, the theme is the Sensational ‘60s!  In order to best showcase this time period, the festival organizers are encouraging participants to use vehicles that will harken back to this much storied area of automotive innovation and exploration (not to mention the aesthetic appeal that this decade of automotive design placed at the forefront of considerations).  Not only beautiful, these cars are some of the most cherished and desired among automobile collectors.  To give you an idea of the value of these cars, the appraised value of a group of last years vehicles known as “Pre-War-Group 1” was upwards of 40 million dollars.

Yes, these are not your run-of-the-mill cruisers.

And nor is this a run-of-the-mill course!  The Sonoma Raceway was first opened in 1968 (so, perfectly in accordance with this year’s theme) and immediately received the respect and admiration of some of the world’s top drivers in all classes.  A 12-turn course, the Sonoma Raceway also includes topographical shifts, abrupt and tight turns, and numerous other challenging features around which the drivers competing in the festival will need to navigate if they want to take home some of the many prestigious and enviable prizes awaiting the winners.

Come for a day or stay the whole weekend (and the festival grounds are close enough to both the Napa Valley and the Sonoma Valley to make a lengthier stay even more rewarding).  Regardless, you will get your fill of beautiful and fast cars.

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