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Christmas in San Francisco

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 23, 2014

Weekends in San Francisco can be daunting. Being surrounded by so much activity, sound, and commotion can often leave people feeling adrift in a wide and churning sea. Where do you begin? How can you choose what to do from the seemingly countless options splayed out before you? Admittedly, a comprehensive breakdown of the various concerts, festivals, films, plays, and other “can’t ­miss” events would almost be as pointlessly complex to navigate as having no list at all, so we won’t inundate you with a comprehensive weekend guide. What we will do is give you a starting point, something to whet your appetite and give you a few solid options to get you out the door and on the way to a fantastic weekend.

First off, at the Roxie Theater there is a weekend­long benefit event titled “A Coppola Family Affair,” where fans will have the chance to indulge themselves in five films made by members of the Coppola family: Hearts of Darkness, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, Palo Alto, The Virgin Suicides, and Apocalypse Now. Movie star James Franco and director Gia Coppola will be the closing guests during this intimate event, which is a must for any fans of the Coppola’s films or cinema in general.

If you’re in the mood for something more in fitting with the season, check out the San Francisco Ballet’s production of Tchaikovsky’s Christmas classic, The Nutcracker. At home in the legendary War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco’s world­class ballet company has been performing The Nutcracker longer than any other troupe in the country, and this particular staging of the ballet, where the action takes place in a replica of San Francisco itself, is celebrating its 10th season. This seasonal favorite is perfect for all ages, and will delight and enlighten the whole audience.

Not quite in the mood for something so classical? Try checking out Mittens & Mistletoe: A Winter Circus Cabaret, hosted by the Dance Mission Theater. This kaleidoscopic treat contains all the elements you’d expect from a San Francisco cabaret, plus a few extras. If you’re looking for music, aerial acrobatics, comedy, clowns, or all of the above, than you’re looking for Mittens & Mistletoe.

Surrounded by so much Christmas Cheer might have you in the mood for something a little less seasonal, and what says “Santa,” and “Christmas Tree” less than a creepy night tour through one of the world’s most infamous prisons: Alcatraz? Head out to “The Rock” some night this weekend for an in­depth look at a seamier side of US history, and maybe even a few ghosts while you’re at it. There’s a good chance that some of your friends have already visited this location, but few have enjoyed the experience of a night tour through the cells and corridors.

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