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California Youth In Theatre Day (CYIT)

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on March 20, 2016

On March 15th, 2016, Sacramento will welcome hundreds of statewide theatre students for a day of education and celebration of the stage. California Youth In Theatre Day, or CYIT, is dedicated to honoring the craft and successes of California youth who are involved in theatre arts, and appreciating the organizations, teachers, parents, legislators, etc. who support and contribute to them.

The cost of admission for the California Youth In Theatre Day event is $30.00 per person. Each contributing student will receive a CETA Theatre certificate, and each contributing school will receive a certificate stating that it has achieved “CA excellence in theatre.” For this year’s CYIT, one member from each school will be allowed to perform a spoken word piece titled “Theatre Matters” in the Rotunda with the event’s CYIT 2016 Players group.

The day’s events will take place at the State Capitol building starting at 7:30 a.m. Throughout the day, attendees will experience (or perform) a number of theatrical performance pieces, enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast at the Department of Health, take part in unique educational workshops, observe the presentation of CETA certificates to both theatre students and teachers, and more.

Eligible students at all grade levels are given the opportunity to perform at CYIT if they meet specific criteria. Eligibility criteria for youth performances include such things as having received an award for their performance piece in the current academic year, having been chosen to represent various theatre groups, having passed particular auditions or examinations, or having been sponsored by a teacher. Performance pieces must also be G-rated, keep within time limits, and meet other guidelines Full performance guidelines and details about youth performance eligibility across grade levels are available online.

Of course getting to and from community events like CYIT can be a hassle, especially in San Francisco’s notorious traffic. And like many locals, you may not even have a car, and public transport can be unreliable. So to ensure you get to the CYIT on time and in comfort, why not hire a private car service with Nationwide Limousine Service – your reliable transport option.

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