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Bay Area Nightlife

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 31, 2014

With the short days of winter fully upon us it can sometimes feel as though there isn’t enough time to do anything worthwhile, that night will reign forever, and that we might as well all go to bed until March 21st. How can you plan a day full of events when the day doesn’t last as long as it should? The answer is rather simple: plan for the night. In fact, San Francisco has one of the most vibrant and rewarding nightlives out of any city in America. Whether you’re looking for just a place to grab a couple of cocktails or a dancehall where things can get rowdy, the Bay Area has it in spades.

Ruby Skye

Helpfully situated right off of Union Square, Ruby Skye is one of the most well-known and exclusive clubs in the city. Come here to see world famous DJs as well as enjoy some of the more fantastic drinks in the city. While the price of admission and libation is high, you will immediately see where all of that money goes when the beat drops and the crowd, already pulsing, hits the roof.

Bimbo’s 365 Club

More renowned for their live bands than for their DJs, Bimbo’s 365 Club boasts a magnificently retro red velvet furniture and sumptuous chandeliers that light up a location that has been filling the San Francisco night with noise since the 1950s. Acts here can range from comedy to electronic music to rock ‘n roll, and it has been a hugely influential club for many decades. Bimbo’s 365 Club also books private events, so if you’re looking for a space to host a swanky corporate gathering, consider this classic spot.

The Parlor

Those looking for a posh lounge where they can sip drinks and talk quietly while surrounded by early 20th century décor will enjoy The Parlor’s classy atmosphere and beautifully upholstered couches and chairs. The well-stocked bar acts as a blank canvas for the lofty creations mixed and poured by the highly respected bartenders, so this location is also perfect for those who envision themselves to be something of a connoisseur in the arena of craft cocktails.

The DNA Lounge

Spending a night at the DNA Lounge shares no equivalent. This place is one large party, and its all-ages crowd knows that exactly how to keep the night young, even when it is four in the morning. As well as boasting seven full bars, four dance floors, two stages, and a 24-hour pizzeria and café, the DNA Lounge also features some of San Francisco’s best entertainment. You could find yourself in the midst of a classic burlesque show, the premier of a hot new film, or shaking it to the heavy bass of a world famous DJ’s set.

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