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Party Bus Company Ruins Prom for Georgia Teens

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on April 7, 2011

An evening that was supposed to be one of the pinnacles of their high school experience turned into a nightmare for some Georgia teens when the party bus they had rented for prom transportation stranded them. The teens attend Lassiter High School in Etowah, a suburb near Atlanta. One parent was particularly and understandably upset with the no-show party bus driver.

“They are outside in the pouring rain and he is nowhere to be found,” parent Tamara McLean said.

She and the parent of another stranded teen from another high school had hired US Party Bus for their children’s prom transportation, and they were outraged at the treatment their kids received.

“He got there at one o’clock to pick them up in the morning,” said McLean, incensed that the kids were stranded during a powerful electrical storm. “It’s thundering and lightning and raining.”

Another group of teens that also had a contract with US Party Bus for prom transportation never made it to their prom at all. Their prom transportation failed to show up, and the company strung along parents with excuses.

“He was telling me he was lost because other children were on the bus on the way to the restaurant when he was supposed to be on the way picking up my children,” said McLean.

One group of prom kids was dropped off at a local restaurant for dinner, but wasn’t picked up on schedule and was stranded for hours. The parents of the stranded prom kids believe the same driver was double-booked for both groups’ prom transportation and that trying to shuttle both groups back and forth created the chaotic and potentially dangerous situation.

“They finally sent an alternate bus about 11:30, but those kids had been standing there since 7 o’clock,” said an Etowah high school parent.

One group of kids arrived at their prom two hours late and had to wait until after midnight, long after the scheduled time, to be picked up. The angry mothers told reporters that they had a receipt from the party bus company with a Chicago address, but US Party Bus’ website lists an Atlanta-area address.

We’ve heard some nightmare stories over the years, but this one ranks right near the top and illustrates the importance of doing business with an ethical and well established prom transportation company like NLS Limo. As a longtime San Francisco limousine service and provider of Bay Area prom limos, party buses and other luxury transportation, we understand that, on rare occasions, unforeseen circumstances arise that cause delays. When this happens, we have contingencies in place to prevent our guests from being inconvenienced. However, in this case, it looks like the party bus provider tried to accommodate two parties at the same time and failed, irresponsibly endangering their guests. At NLS Limo, we place people before profits and never double-book drivers or vehicles under any circumstances. If you’re looking for professional, reliable San Francisco prom transportation, please call us today at 1-800-339-8936 to get the level of service that you deserve.

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