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New California Prom Limousine Law Passed

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 21, 2010

California lawmakers passed a new law last spring to address safety concerns about limousine companies, charter-party carriers and school transportation. Assembly Bill 830 (AB 830) requires limousine companies to get a specific type of permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and chauffeurs driving prom kids must receive additional training. The new law addresses vehicles classified as a School Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB). If a limousine transports students to and from schools and school functions, it has a SPAB vehicle classification.

Not all limousine services have authorization to operate limos classified as SPAB limos. The seating capacity of a limo determines whether the new license is required to lawfully transport school kids and school personnel. The California Highway Patrol will impound vehicles of California limousine services caught transporting school kids without valid SPAB licenses, and these limo services may face additional fines. Anyone in the vehicle during impoundment will have to arrange his or her own transportation.

Prom season has passed, but the new law highlights the importance of doing business with legal and ethical California limousine companies that operate within the law and put passenger safety above all other considerations. Many illegal limo services endanger the lives of their passengers by doing the following:

•    Failing to obtain proper licensing for their drivers and vehicles
•    Failing to carry the proper amount of insurance coverage
•    Not having their vehicles inspected regularly
•    Overloading their vehicles, creating a potentially deadly situation
•    Not following guidelines established by the Department of Motor Vehicles, California Public Utilities Commission and other state agencies

If you’re a parent investigating Bay Area limo companies for transportation when prom season rolls around again next spring, make sure to do business only with legal, ethical San Francisco limo services with the proper licenses and insurance coverage. At NLS Limo, we spend a great deal of time and money ensuring that our drivers, our vehicles and our company are in full compliance with California laws and regulations. We regard it as the cost of doing business, and no matter what it costs, following the rules, paying for licensing and adhering to regulations saves lives. The next time you need a prom limo in the Bay Area, please call us first at 1-800-339-8936.

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