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Nebraska Man Selling Huge Collection of Antique Cars to Focus on Finding a Wife

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 8, 2012

Jerry Andreasen slowly built one of the country’s best collections of antique cars over several decades, but now the man is planning to sell all of them to focus on finding a wife. The 74-year-old from Omaha, Neb., says that he has never been on a date and wants to focus on finding someone to spend the rest of his life with. He claims that he was so obsessed with collecting antique automobiles for his collection that he never had the money or the time to find a wife.

“I spent so much time working and getting my cars, I never got married,” Andreasen lamented to a reporter. “I’m going to look for a wife, and I don’t care if she already has a half-dozen kids. I’d put all my money into cars. Whatever I’d make, I’d turn around and put it into cars. But I’d never do it again because I never had time for anything else. I’ve never been on a date.”

His collection is quite impressive with over 90 antique automobiles and motorcycles amassed over 45 years. He had planned to open his own museum at some point to showcase his collection, but those plans never materialized, and now he’s selling everything, including parts that he bought over the years to restore these classics. Many of the cars and motorcycles are inoperable, but that isn’t expected to dissuade other collectors who will be descending on a farm near Benington, Neb., for the sale.

Auctioneer Gabe Petersen said it is the biggest collection of antique cars his business has ever sold at a single auction.

“We’ve never sold that many, that old before,” he said. “It’s kind of a hodgepodge with a little bit of everything for the casual and serious collector as well.”

Andreasen hopes that this auctioneer and sale will bring a tidier sum than the sale he held last year to sell off some of the jewels of the collection.

“I sold off my choice cars last year, and the auctioneer practically gave them away,” he said. “That man didn’t know a pickup truck from a car. The guys this time know what we’ve got here, and they’re excited. People who build street rods are going to have a ball.”

Some of the highlights of this year’s sale include the following:

  • 1918 Buick Truck
  • 1938 Lincoln Zephyr
  • 1963 Falcon Ranchero
  • 1960 Austin Healey 3000
  • Austin Healey Sprite

If we were a little closer to Nebraska, we’d be heading to this sale for sure! As you probably know, we’re very proud of our collection of Bay Area antique car rentals and are always on the lookout for new beauties to add to our collection. We’re crazy for cars of all kinds around here, but there’s a special spot in our hearts for rarities like these. If you feel the same way about old cars and would like to rent one for an upcoming special occasion, just give us a call at 800-339-8936! From antique Rolls-Royce limousines to vintage Cadillacs, Oldsmobiles, Plymouths and more, we have several classics from which to choose. Call us at NLS Limo for more information about each of the San Francisco antique cars in our fleet, and reserve yours today!

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