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Makers of Taxi and Limousine Application Uber Sued in San Francisco

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on November 21, 2012

It looks like Uber’s legal troubles are continuing, this time in San Francisco. The maker of the smartphone application intended to help passengers find taxicabs and limousines in large U.S. cities is the target of a new lawsuit filed on behalf of San Francisco taxi drivers. You may recall that we have posted blogs in recent months about similar lawsuits filed against the request-a-ride service in New York City and Chicago. The suits claim that the application creates an unfair competitive environment by steering customers toward companies that don’t adhere to state and local regulations that govern taxi and limousine services.

Attorney Gary Oswald recently filed the suit in a San Francisco court and issued a press release in which he had less than flattering things to say about the smartphone app.

“Uber is brazenly violating this statutory scheme without even bothering to offer a pretext for their overtly illegal actions just as they have in New York City, Chicago and elsewhere,” Mr. Oswald said in the release. “By ignoring the law, Uber is putting at risk the livelihoods of hardworking men and women who drive safely and follow the rules.”

Mr. Oswald claims that Uber attempts to cover up its true nature in order to avoid all regulations governing limousine and taxicab companies and that these illegal acts also interfere with chauffeurs’ and taxi drivers’ relationships with their clients. He also claims that Uber uses illegal metering devices and charges unauthorized rates for its services. He closes the press release with a strong statement that suggests that Uber forces chauffeurs and taxi drivers to break the law, saying that “by written contraction between Uber and its ‘partnered’ Black Car drivers, such drivers are required to operate in violation of the San Francisco code.”

As we’ve stated before, we don’t mind competition, it inspires us to continue striving to offer the best San Francisco limousine experience for our guests for the best rates. However, we don’t care for any measures, digital or otherwise, that compel Bay Area limo services, chauffeurs, taxi drivers or anyone else to operate outside rules and regulations put in place to protect the safety of all Californians. Bay Area residents who want to reserve one of our limousines or other luxury vehicles can use their smartphones, but they don’t need to download an application to make it easier. They can simply give us a call at NLS Limo at 800-339-8936 to speak with one of our reservation specialists!

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