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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Rent a San Francisco Charter Bus for Business

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 26, 2010

Companies in the Bay Area are rediscovering that their best assets are their employees and that investing in employees makes good business sense from just about every perspective. Businesses are finding that a little outside-the-box thinking is critically important for their growth and success. They are looking for ways to boost productivity and creativity. This thinking also allows them to attract and retain the caliber of talent they need to be successful. So what does all this have to do with San Francisco bus charters? Plenty.

Here’s how Bay Area bus charters help companies accomplish these and other goals:

Golf outings

Companies have known for years that leisure time on the golf course can also be constructive, productive time to take care of business. Getting some or all of your employees out on the golf course on a beautiful day is a great idea as it gets them out of the office and encourages familiarity and cooperation between departments. Having a couple beers on the golf course with colleagues is great for employee morale. Boost morale even more by scheduling the outing on a Monday!

Business meetings

For groups of 20 or more heading to a meeting, rent a San Francisco charter bus and travel in comfort. We’d like to mention that some bus charters have tables and captain’s chairs for working and preparing for meetings on the road. Have us ice down some soft drinks or, if you prefer, adult beverages to make the meeting lively and memorable.

Amusement parks

Building and maintaining employee morale is critically important for company success. So, do some more outside-the-box thinking, rent a bus charter and schedule a day at an amusement park. Six Flags and Great America are just down the road, and a charter bus or two makes it easy and inexpensive to take everyone to the amusement park for a great time.

Our San Francisco bus charters make it easy to transport groups of employees for team-building excursions to the golf course, amusement park, company picnic, seminar and other destinations that can transform a Wednesday into…something other than a Wednesday. Charter one of our buses for site inspections, business meetings, airport transportation and other times when you need comfortable group transportation at a reasonable price. If you’re feeling that your staff could use a morale boost or you just want to thank them for all the overtime they worked to finish a project, call us today at 1-800-339-8936 and ask about renting a charter bus.

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