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West Hollywood Considering Restrictions on Oversized Limousines

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on February 14, 2011

West Hollywood is exploring ways to ban large, oversized limousines from operating on city streets. City officials say the ban would protect the environment, ease parking, facilitate traffic flow and remove a potential obstacle to emergency vehicles responding to a call. The West Hollywood City Council approved the formation of a search committee that would draft measures to restrict huge custom limousines made with fabricated bodies grafted to the cab of a long-haul tractor or truck tractor. A local limousine service owns and rents such a limo called the Colossus that includes all the normal features of a limousine plus a disco dance floor and an external television that can be used for advertising.

The limo is 40 feet long and nearly nine feet wide, and it seats up to 30 guests. The city has received numerous complaints from local residents about excessive noise and commotion coming from guests inside and outside this and other huge limousines. The owner of the limousine service that owns the Colossus claims he is unsure as to why the city is targeting this specific class of limo. He claims the vehicle’s size is actually an asset to the community as its size allows guests to drink alcohol and enjoy themselves, thereby reducing the number of people drinking and driving on city streets.

The owner also takes issue with the city’s claims that the Colossus and other limos in its class present an environmental concern, saying, “Let’s say I have 30 people on board the Colossus, and they are all going to Hollywood. How many more cars should be on the streets of Hollywood? Yes, [a] minimum [of] 15, if you divide 30 to 2 in each car. Now, calculate how much gas will be spent from those cars separately than the Colossus itself on the small streets of Hollywood. [The] Colossus will spend 10 times less gas than all those cars together.” The owner says he plans to work with West Hollywood to find a solution that will benefit the city and his business.

At NLS Limo, we have some huge limousines in our fleet, but we don’t have anything approaching the size of the megalimo mentioned in this story. Some of our larger Bay Area limousines include the following:

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•    24 Passenger Limo Bus with Stripper Pole
•    28 Passenger Party Bus
•    30 Passenger Luxury Limo Bus
•    32 Passenger Limousine Bus
•    47 Passenger VIP Bus

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