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SFO Airport Spares San Francisco Limo Companies From Clean Vehicle Policy Until 2016

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on November 30, 2010

The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) recently delayed enforcing its Clean Vehicle Policy program for limo services until 2016. SFO adopted the policy in 2000 to encourage all vehicles picking up and dropping off passengers to use alternative fuels by January 1, 2012. Limousines, cabs and all other service vehicles had until then to use electricity, propane or compressed natural gas (CNG). SFO is able to monitor Bay Area limo companies working on airport grounds because we have to register for an airport permit and pay an airport access fee each time we pick up passengers at the airport.

The Clean Vehicle Policy stipulates that limo companies entering SFO grounds with a vehicle that burns gasoline or diesel after January 1, 2012 have to pay airport access fees 300 percent higher than alternative-fueled vehicles. We all know that we need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuel, but we and other San Francisco area limo services balked at complying with the policy restrictions because of the following:

•    Conversions are prohibitively expensive
The costs of converting existing gasoline-burning engines to CNG capabilities make it very difficult to justify the expense. For example, it will cost us around $15,000 to convert one of our Lincoln Town Car Executive sedans to CNG.

•    Lack of CNG fueling infrastructure in our state
Right now, gasoline vehicles have a much larger range on a full tank of fuel than CNG vehicles. In addition, there aren’t enough CNG fueling stations in place to make this a practical option for Bay Area limo services.

•    Very limited alternative-fueled limousines on the market
Let’s face it: We’ve made great strides, but, right now, alternative fuel vehicles are quite small and lack the power to transport larger groups of people. They also don’t feature anything close to the number and quality of amenities that limousines have offered for decades.

We do have a Prius hybrid and a Camry hybrid in our fleet, but no hybrid stretch limos, SUV limos or any other hybrid luxury vehicles yet. However, if you need a San Francisco limousine to take you to SFO or any other destination, we have you covered! Just give NLS Limo a call at 1-800-339-8936 or fill out a contact form for a prompt reply, and we’ll take good care of you. Our limos may not be “green” yet, but they will save you some green! Call us today for the best rates on Bay Area limos!

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