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Our San Francisco Party Bus Rules Let Everyone Have a Fun and Safe Experience

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on August 6, 2012

Recent proposed restrictions on San Francisco party buses by frustrated city officials and club owners and the tragic death of a Bay Area party bus guest in Santa Cruz have given party buses a bad reputation. We would like to point out that these serious problems, which affect all Bay Area party bus rental companies, are caused by a very small minority of operators who don’t take the safety of their guests seriously. We would also like to point out how we and most other San Francisco limousine rental companies prevent these incidents from happening. We let our guests know about a few simple rules, and we enforce them so that everyone can enjoy a safe and fun party bus experience. Some of the most important rules include the following:

  • No underage drinking on board
    If our guests want to enjoy alcoholic beverages while riding in their party bus, their chauffeur has the right to check all IDs to ensure that everyone is over 21. Anyone not of legal drinking age cannot board the party bus if alcohol is present.
  • No smoking on board
    No smoking is allowed on our Bay Area party buses, limousine and other vehicles. If guests would like to stop for a smoke break, they should let their chauffeur know, and he or she will find a suitable place to stop as soon as practical.
  • Lewd, reckless or illegal activities are not tolerated
    We try to be as flexible as possible and allow our guests to have fun, but any activities that are lewd, illegal or endanger guests in any way are not tolerated. When something unacceptable occurs, the chauffeur may issue a warning and politely request a guest to stop. If it persists, the rental is over, and all guests will be taken back to the initial pickup location.
  • Please respect the party bus and your chauffeur
    Again, we want all our guests to have a good time, but if a guest is abusive toward the chauffeur or the party bus, the chauffeur has the authority to bring the rental to an abrupt end and return all guests to their original location.

We discuss these and other safety rules with clients before the party bus rental occurs and encourage them to ask questions or request clarifications as necessary. The safety of our guests comes before all other considerations. While we are in the hospitality business and try to please all our guests, situations occasionally arise that cause us to enforce our rules. If you would like to rent a San Francisco party bus for an upcoming special event and prefer to do business with a limousine service that is serious about helping their guests have a fun and safe experience, we would love to hear from you! Give us a call at NLS Limo today at 800-339-8936.

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