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Tis The Season for Sightseeing in San Francisco!

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on December 31, 2014

San Francisco may not be the winter wonderland of the Twin Cities or Anchorage Alaska, and there may be more fog than snow covering the ground, but the city still does a fantastic job of making winter unique from the other three seasons of the year: events around the city become more introspective, and, in many cases, reflective. There will be less of the festival atmosphere of spring and summer, less of the frivolity of those seasons, and more deliberateness, a quality that can bring a depth to action, and forge memories that will last forever. So, consider some of the following options while you’re putting on your jacket and heading out for a night — or an afternoon — on the town.

Friday Night Market at the UN Plaza

On every Friday from November 7th until February 27th, there will be nights to remember at the UN Plaza. This winter market features a beer garden, live music, over twenty-five vendors selling their handcrafted wares, and an armada of food trucks. Starting at 4:00pm and running until 9:00pm, this market does everything it can to ensure that your winter is not nearly as dark and bleak as it otherwise might be, and you will find yourself brining with delight over the many unique stalls and crafts available.

The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation

This concert of winter-inspired or themed pieces will be performed on January 17th, 2015, and will be the beginning of the Sunset Music & Arts season. The wildly talented Leon Rosen will perform these unforgettable pieces on solo piano, and then his recital will be followed by Sally Porter Munro singing a program titled, “Favorite Songs from Broadway Shows and More.” If you are looking for a quiet evening of music in a gorgeous setting, than add this to you to-do list.

Pa’Ina Paint Club

Remember Bob Ross? The guy with the big hair who taught all of us how to paint trees and waterfalls with his incomparably soft voice? Well, even though he is dead, his spirit lives on in paint clubs around the country. San Francisco’s own Pa’ina Paint Club is a fantastic time to connect with people over the creation of art in a relaxing and vibrant atmosphere: the Pa’ina Lounge & Restaurant. Over the course of a couple hours, you will start and finish a painting depicting a persimmon tree, a classic from Japanese winter scenes used in woodprints.

Jazz on the Rocks

Come out to the Ferry Building on February 4th for a night of hot jazz and mixed drinks, all served by some of the best in the industry. You will experience mixology at its zenith as well as feel your soul dancing to the classic recordings of swing, big band, be-bop, bossa nova, ragtime, and more. The DJs and bartenders are working hand and hand with one another and the chefs preparing tasty treats for you and your cohort to savor and use to scare away those winter blues.

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