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Three Truly Unique Destinations in San Francisco

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on April 9, 2015

Most visitors to San Francisco want to see or experience something unique. Be it art, music, food, or some strange performance piece. They know that the Bay Area is the nation’s hot-bed of progressive culture, and they want to experience it first-hand. They want something more than a walk on the Golden Gate Bridge or a tour of Alcatraz. For those people, we provide you with this list of truly unique destinations in San Francisco, that you won’t find anywhere else in the United States:

  • Yoda Fountain: See it you will, forget it you will not…The Yoda Fountain is a metal sculpture of science-fiction’s wisest and fiercest philosophers, Yoda. This Jedi-Master is sculpted to be “life-size” and resides outside of the Letterman Digital Arts Center in Presidio. It is in front of Building B, which houses the Lucas Film lobby. Inside, you will find a replica Darth Vader and other Star Wars memorabilia. Visitors are encouraged to toss coins into the fountain, and make a wish. Come true, it will.
  • Peregrine Falcons: The fastest birds in the world are Peregrine falcons, as they can reach almost 200 mph in their dives. These small, quick birds can be found in the nooks and crannies of the high-rises in the Financial District of San Francisco. Visitors will come and watch these falcons pick off pigeons during mid-flight, with a burst of feathers the only remains as the falcon carries away its prey. These falcons were almost wiped out by DDT in the 1970’s, but had a resurgence in the late 1980’s when nesting boxes were installed. Come see these amazing birds for yourself, and bring your binoculars to view them up-close.
  • Urbano Sundial: Does anyone even know how to read a sundial anymore? Probably not, but that doesn’t make this landmark any less interesting. Located at the old Ingleside Racetrack, this sundial was first built in 1913, when the racetrack was in its heyday. The sundial is nearly 30 feet across and is timed with the Summer Solstice. It is now surrounded by flowers and a housing development of over 750 homes.

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