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The Best Bay Views in San Francisco

By San Francisco Limousine Specialist on May 11, 2015

Standing at the summit of Mount Tamalpais, you’ll enjoy a panoramic view of the highway below, and a bird’s eye view of the Mill Valley, the ocean, and the forests beneath. Exercise enthusiasts will especially love this view, as you have to hike or bike your way to the top.

River’s End

River’s End is the meeting point of the Russian River and the Pacific Ocean. At this intersection is an adorable inn and restaurant. Spend your evening here away from the bustle of the city, and let the sunset view will blow you away with its beauty. This secluded spot is best reached by a vehicle.

Indian Rock Park

If rock climbing is your favorite outdoor activity, or something you’ve never done but have been hoping to try out, then Indian Rock Park is the ideal place to visit in San Francisco. Apart from the pleasure you get from the rock climbing exercise, and learning a new skill, you will also enjoy gorgeous scenery as you climb higher and higher on the rock. However, take caution not to be so carried away by this view that you forget hold on! This park is located in Berkeley, at 950 Indian Rock Avenue. It’s best reached by a vehicle.

Meritage at the Claremont

Dining is always better with a great ambiance. The Meritage at the Claremont provides great views and a wine-focused menu, perfect for date night. Located at the Oakland Hills in Berkley, on the 41 Tunnel Road.

Greek Theatre

If you like live music, then the Greek Theatre is your new favorite San Francisco spot. It’s music with fantastic views of the surrounding environment. Great for a group of friends and a fun night out.

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